Bird Spikes

Bird Spiking is durable, long-lasting and can be fixed to almost any surface

Bird spikes are discreet and if installed correctly should be hard to see from a few meters away. We have under taken both large and small jobs where bird spiking systems have been successful.The system does not harm the birds but does prevent them from landing.

Bird Spikes can be used to protect a variety of surfaces from ledges, pipes, gutters, beams, cables, roof tiles and parapets.

Stainless steel chimney spikes

Birds can cause a whole host of problems for your business or home. They are a health and safety risk, they spread diseases, they can cause damage to property and goods, and they can be noisy and aggressive.

We install bird spikes to prevent pigeons from landing and roosting on your home or business premises.

Pigeon spikes are one of the most versatile and effective methods of bird control which will stop the most determined birds from landing on your property.

Protecting Solar Panels from birds nesting between the panels and the tiles, these are purpose made spikes which are fully adjustable.

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